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EEA Conference on Coastal Atlas Development, Copenhagen, Denmark, 9 - 10 July 2008

EEA Conference on Coastal Atlas Development

9 July – 10 July
Conference Room
EEA, Kongens Nytorv 6, Copenhagen, Denmark
Last update: 12 July 2008

Chair and Host of Workshop: Ronan Uhel of EEA

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Day 1 - Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Opening Statement
Prof. Jacqueline McGlade – Exec. Dir. EEA
Introduction to the Agenda and Conference Objectives
Chaired by Ronan Uhel, EEA
Session I
Ongoing Developments: Networks, Policies, Information
International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN) [pdf]
Prof. Dawn Wright, OSU and Dr. Ned Dwyer, CMRC
European Policy Context –
Formation of EU Coastal and Maritime Policy and Information Needs
Mr. Iain Shepherd and Ms. Birgit Snoeren, European Commission
- Important policy decisions and developments took place in Europe in 2007 regarding the management of coastal, marine and maritime resources, all calling for ecosystem-based management and related information (“EU Atlas of the Seas”).
EEA Activities Related to the Coastal Atlases -
Assessments, ICZM Evaluation and Future Plans
Mr. Andrus Meiner, EEA
- EEA has initiated, together with the member countries, the regional seas Conventions and the European Commission, several activities that will benefit greatly from the realisation of coastal/marine mapping projects.
Coffee Break
Session II
Understanding Better Users Requirements and Matching Services
User Requirements of Coastal Regions in Europe and
a World Network of Coastal Regions

Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR)
Indicators and atlas approaches that would help coastal management in the regions.
U.S. Experience - Federated Information Sharing [pdf]
Mr. Tony Lavoi, NOAA
Approach towards "connecting" states’ atlases
for federal assessments of coastal issues.
Experience from Interreg Projects on Testing Observatories and Indicators [pdf]
Ms. Francoise Breton, ETC-LUSI
Demonstration of ICAN's Coastal Atlases Interoperability Project [pdf]
Dr. Yassine Lassoued, Dr. Ned Dwyer (CMRC); Ms. Tanya Haddad (OCMP)
Dinner and evening activities on your own

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Day 2 - Thursday, 10 July 2008

Session III
Information Structures and Services at Work: Cutting Across Scales and Borders
Experiences from Countries and Regions with Information Management and Communication
15 min each + 5 min Q/A

- Belgium, Ms. Kathy Belpaeme (Co-ordination Centre for Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Belgium) [pdf]
- France, Mr. Ronan Uhel, EEA, on behalf of IFEN Coastal Observatory, IFREMER [pdf]
- Ireland, Mr. Eoin O’ Grady (Marine Institute) [pdf]
- Spain, Mr. Gonzalo C. Malvárez (University Pablo de Olavide) and José Ojeda-Zújar (University of Sevilla) [pdf]
- Towards a Mediterranean Coastal Information System, Mr. Jean Pierre Giraud (UNEP MAP Plan Bleu) [pdf]
- The Mediterranean Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management: What Indicators are Needed?, Mr. Ivica Trumbic (UNEP MAP - PAP/RAC) [pdf]
- DEDUCE, Ms. Francoise Breton, ETC-LUSI [pdf]
- UK, Dr. Mike Osborne (SeaZone Solutions Ltd., UK) [pdf]
Coffee Break
US-Europe: The EcoInformatics Cooperation [web site]
Dr. Stefan Jensen, EEA
African Coastal Atlas Developments [pdf]
Ms. Lucy Scott (South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity) and
Mr. Selorm Ababio (University of Ghana)
Session IV
Opportunities and Proposals for Projects and Cooperation
FP7 Research Opportunities on Environment [pdf]
Mr. Miguel Nuevo-Alarcon, European Commission
Related EU web site
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF):
Contributing to Coastal Atlases Development
Dr. Eamonn Ó Tuama, GBIF
General and Concluding Discussion
Explore opportunities that are becoming available as a result of ICAN work and will allow for support and contributions to the respective work in Europe, as well as opportunities for US collaboration.
End of conference

(ICAN workshop group will meet informally on Friday 11 July for further concluding discussions and way forward)

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