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ICAN 7 participants in Cape Town, South Africa

ICAN 7 participants in Cape Town, South Africa

ICAN 7 participants

ICAN 7 participants in Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to the new ICAN co-chair

Marcia, Ned and Kathrin at ICAN 7

Over 35 people attended the ICAN 7 workshop held in Cape Town on April 19 and 20, 2015. There were great presentations on new atlas developments, emerging technologies and developments within the ICAN project itself. We will post the presentations soon on the ICAN 7 web page.

Welcome to Anja Kreiner, who has joined the ICAN Steering Group. Ned Dwyer handed over the reins as co-chair after 7 years. Kathrin Kopke of the CMRC, Ireland has taken over and together with co-chair Marcia Berman, VIMS, USA will take ICAN forward leading new developments and activities in ICAN.

Marcia, Ned and Kathrin at ICAN 7

Marcia, Ned and Kathrin at ICAN 7

March 2015 Newsletter now available

Find out about the the programme of events at the upcoming ICAN 7 workshop and CoastGIS conference in Cape Town in mid April 2015, Alaska´s shoreline change tool, version 2.0 of the Maryland atlas and how atlases can help coastal policy and decision making and much more. The newsletter can be downloaded here

ICAN Activities Endorsed by IODE Committee

ICAN Steering Group members Ned Dwyer, Dawn Wright, Lucy Scott and Linda Pikula demonstrated the strong commitment of ICAN to IODE at the IODE-XXIII meeting held from 17-20 March 2015 in Bruges, Belgium. This biannual meeting was attended by representatives of all IODE projects, delegates from the National Oceanographic Data Centres of IOC member countries and observer projects. The proposed ICAN work plan and budget proposal for 2016-2017 was accepted by the Committee underlining that ICAN activities are of great relevance to IODE members.

EurOcean Joins ICAN!

ICAN is very pleased to welcome its latest member, EurOcean (www.eurocean.org). As described by new EurOcean executive director Ned Dwyer, already of great ICAN fame: "EurOcean or the European Centre for Information in Marine Science and Technology is an independent scientific non-governmental organization of 14 leading European marine organisations whose aim is to develop information exchange and derive values added products in the field of marine sciences and technologies. It maintains databases of marine infrastructures and a database cataloguing thousands of European marine relevant projects

Again, a warm welcome to these colleagues from EurOcean, headquartered in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal!

Draft ICAN 7 Workshop Program now available

The draft program for the ICAN 7 workshop to be held in Cape Town, South Africa on 19 - 20 April is now published. You can check it out here

The registration has been extended to March 17th 2015.

This year ICAN is joining forces with IOC to offer a course on Marine Spatial Planning (by invitation only), which will run immediately after the workshop from April 20 to 22 2015.

Minutes of Steering Group Teleconference, 15 January 2015 available

A regular teleconference meeting of the ICAN Steering Group was held on January 15th 2015. Matters discussed included planning for ICAN 7 in South Africa, porting of the web site, and the recent workplan submitted to IODE.

Minutes from the meeting can be found in
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