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Directory of Coastal Web Atlases Worldwide



Web Links to Coastal Atlases

Atlas Name Atlas Link
African Marine Atlas South Africa, Ghana, UNESCO IODE
African Marine Info. Sys., European Commission
Alaska Coastal Atlas, Alaska Coastal Mgmt Program, USA
Atlas of the Lagoon of Venice, Italy
Belgian Coastal Atlas (De Kustatlas)
British Columbia's Coastal Resource Information System (CRIMS),

California Coastal Atlas, USA
Caribbean Marine Atlas Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, UNESCO
Coastal and Marine Information System of Andalucia, Spain
Digital Climatic Atlas of Mexico
Environmental Marine Information System, European Commission
European Atlas of the Seas, European Commission
Great Lakes Commission, USA
HELCOM, Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, Finland
Marine Institute, Ireland
Marine Irish Digital Atlas (MIDA), Ireland
MarineMap, USA
Maryland's Coastal Atlas, USA
NOAA Legislative Atlas (NOAA Digital Coast), USA
NOAA Multipurpose Marine Cadastre, USA
North Carolina Coastal Hazards Decision Portal USA
Northwest Assoc of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS),
Ohio Coastal Atlas, USA
Oregon Coastal Atlas, USA
Oregon Explorer: North Coast Explorer, USA
Pacific Coastal Resources Atlas, Canada
Scotland's Marine Atlas, UK
Virginia Coastal Geospatial and Educational Mapping System
Washington Coastal Atlas, USA
Water Atlas (U. of South Florida), USA
Wisconsin Coastal Atlas, USA

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Washington Coastal Atlas

North Coast Explorer (Oregon)

Oregon Coastal Atlas

California Coastal Atlas

Digital Climatic Atlas of Mexico

Digital Great Lakes - University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute

Mapping Tools for Coastal Management - Virginia Institute of Marine Science

NOAA Coastal Services Center

Caribbean Marine Atlas

Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada

Caribbean Marine Atlas

Project Coastal Atlas of São Paulo State (PACO), Brazil

Centre for Marine and Coastal Zone Management, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

The Marine Irish Digital Atlas

The UK Coastal and Marine Resource Atlas

British Oceanographic Data Centre, England, UK

European Seas Information System (EMIS)

SIGLA - Coastal Information System of Andalusia (Spain)

European Environment Agency, Denmark

De Kustatlas Online, Belgium

Atlas of the Lagoon (Venice, Italy)

African Marine Information System (AMIS)

African Marine Atlas (South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity and University of Ghana)

Inventory or directory of atlases, regardless of whether they are in ICAN or not under heavy construction. NOAA CSC is working on inventory of U.S. efforts and EuroOcean could also help with an inventory of European atlases. These inventories get to our firm definition of what we consider a CWA to be, with our ICAN list of standard features and services. Atlas developers and users can then self-identify according to the features and functions that they offer in their atlases.

Link to Simon's draft online database as an example (search for "atlas").
Link to another example

See also the CWA Assessment working group