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ICAN Technical Working Group




The main thrust of the ICAN Technical Working Group (TWG) is to research and develop solutions for coastal web atlas (CWA) advancement. One focus is on the cooperative interoperability and network prototype which seeks to globally-integrate locally-maintained coastal atlases. A second major focus is the assembly of accessible resources for Atlas Developers.

Some of the specific activities that will contribute to this work are to:

  • identify and develop appropriate collaborative applied research projects (e.g., enabling semantic interoperability between existing atlases),
  • Document and promote specifications and standards of relevance to the coastal atlas community taking into account existing regional and global marine data standards-related projects,
  • Identify the information needs for large scale interoperable CWAs.

Other key activities of the TWG will include:

  • Metadata issues;
  • Data and organisational interoperability;
  • Data specifications;
  • Data theme requirements;
  • Network services;
  • Technology tracking;
  • Research and development of innovative solutions;
  • Updating structure and architecture of ICAN web portal and interoperability prototype;
  • Interface extensions to CWAs;
  • Ontology content and technical governance.
  • Evaluation and selection of interoperability standards for use in ICAN;
  • Contribution to the interoperability standards development process;
  • Supporting and responding to the user community;
  • Technical training of CWA developers;
  • Knowledge transfer; and
  • Digital Rights Management [DRM].

The TWG would also oversee technical project activities that are agreed on by the SG and undertaken within an ICAN context. The TWG would be involved in co-ordinating:

  • Project selection;
  • Technical development, assessment and selection;
  • Project implementation; and
  • Project evaluation.