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ICAN 4 Workshop Program and Documents, Trieste, Italy, 16-20 November 2009

ICAN Workshop 4:
Formalizing the Network, Engaging the Mediterranean

16-20 November 2009
Denardo and Lundqvist Lecture Halls
Adriatico Guest House, UNESCO International Centre for Theoretical Physics
(ICTP Mtg H206)
Centro Internazionale di Fisica Teorica
Strada Costiera 11
I-34014 Trieste (Italy)
Last update to this page: 24 November 2009

How to Reach the ICAN 4 Workshop
Information on Electrical Power and Computer Connections

Workshop Chairs: Dawn Wright of OSU, Ned Dwyer of CMRC

Pre-Workshop Downloads
Draft ICAN Governance Plan (pdf)
Benefits of CWA Interoperability (doc)
Mini "Workshop w/in a Workshop" on Coastal Web Atlas Users (pdf, for Tues)
US NSF Requests for Proposals (zip, for Tues/Wed) | NSF VOSS (pdf)
For those new to ICAN, see these prior workshop reports:
ICAN 1, Cork | ICAN 2, Corvallis | ICAN 3, Copenhagen

Day 1 - Monday, 16 November 2009
Focus on ICAN Governance Policies & Procedures
Denardo Room
7:30-9:00a Breakfast available in Adriatico Cafeteria (pay on your own)
8:30-9:00a Registration
Outside of Denardo Rm.
9:00-9:15a Welcome
Welcome participants, Adriatico Guest House logistics (Dawn Wright, OSU)
9:15-9:45a Introduction to Workshop Objectives & Agenda
Review outcomes of ICAN 3 (Ned Dwyer, CMRC)
Agenda and objectives of ICAN 4 (Dawn Wright, OSU)
9:45-10:45a Governance Discussion
chaired by John Helly, SDSC and Roy Lowry, BODC
Discuss and finalize implementation structures on governance (including formal procedures for receiving new members)
Goal is to put governance model into play beyond the
whiteboard graphic from Copenhagen!
10:45-11:00a Coffee Break Sponsored by ISMAR
11:00-12:00 Governance Discussion continued
Assign chairs and members to a central coordination team, an advisory steering group, and within the existing technical task force, an ontology content governance group to manage storage, security, change management and serving of the ICAN interoperability ontologies
12:00-1:30p Lunch available in the Adriatico Cafeteria (pay on your own)
Governance Discussion continued/Strategic Planning (Denardo)
Discuss and finalize any remaining issues wrt governance or strategic planning
Technical Task Force Discussion (Lundqvist)
Various issues in preparation for Day 2
Needs/action items re: cookbook/documentation
Steering/Management Breakout Results | Tech Breakout Results (.doc)
2:30-3:00p The Atlas of the Lagoon of Venice: From a Book to a Dynamic Web GIS
Atlas of the Lagoon | Lagoon Information System (prototype)
Alessandro Mulazzani, Venice Municipality and Marine Science Institute of the National Research Council (ISMAR-CNR)
3:00-3:30p ICAN in NETMAR
Roy Lowry, BODC
3:30-4:00p Coffee Break Sponsored by OSU
4:00-4:30p Coastal Atlas of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Luis Conti, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil
4:30-5:00p Bulgarian Black Sea Coastal Atlas
Hristo Stanchev, Nansen Institute of Oceanology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
5:00-5:05p Update on Plans for Tunisian Marine Atlas
Yassine Lassoued, CMRC
5:05-5:35p EMODNET, Trieste | Presentation File
Alessandra Giorgetti, National Oceanographic Data Center/IOC, Italy
5:35-6:00p Concluding Discussions
6:00p Ice Breaker Reception Sponsored by the Marine Institute
6:30-8:00p Dinner available in the Leonardo Building Cafeteria (pay on your own)

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Day 2 - Tuesday, 17 November 2009
Focus on ICAN Prototype and on CWA Users
Denardo Room
7:30-9:00a Breakfast available in Adriatico Cafeteria (pay on your own)
8:30-9:00a Registration
Outside of Denardo Rm
9:00-10:30a Progress to Date on ICAN Prototype (chaired by Liz O'Dea)
Discuss further work needed on partnerships, infrastructure and data exchange formats, all with the overall objective of enabling the nodes to share and communicate with each other, avoid duplication, and streamline information management. Prototype 1.1 and additional use cases beyond coastal erosion?
The ICAN Prototype (7 Mb)
- Yassine Lassoued, CMRC; Tanya Haddad, OCMP; Liz O'Dea, WA Dept of Ecology

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI), Semantic Prototype as Implemented by MMI | Architecture Graphic
- Luis Bermudez, SURA

The Washington Coastal Atlas: Connecting with the ICAN Interoperability Prototype
- Liz O'Dea, WA Dept of Ecology; Tanya Haddad, OCMP et al.

Additional resource based on discussion: Marine Spatial Planning and the US Ocean Policy Task Force

10:30-10:45a Coffee Break Sponsored by CMRC
10:45a-12:15p Mini Workshop on Improving Existing Nodes, Adding New Ones
Discussion moderated by Ned Dwyer
A small "workshop within a workshop" for atlas administrators on how to become a new node in interoperability prototype and about how cookbooks should be structured
12:15-1:15p Lunch available in the Adriatico Cafeteria (pay on your own)
1:15-3:45p Mini Workshop for CWA Users
(chaired by Marcia Berman and Kathy Belpaeme)
1) The user’s perspective on the impacts and outcomes of Coastal Web Atlases will be discussed from presenters who are closely linked to the CWA user community.

2) Feedback and review are essential to insure CWA developers are meeting the needs of the user audience. Surveys provide one mechanism for collecting and disseminating feedback to a broad audience. A workgroup of the ICAN User Committee has developed a survey. The second half of this mini-workshop is devoted to the survey.
US Coastal Atlas Statistics (.xls)

- Kathrin Kopke (CMRC, Cork, Ireland, Marine Irish Digital Atlas): Web-GIS usage, user feedback and user interface
- Kathy Taylor (Washington State Department of Ecology, Washington Coastal Atlas): West Coast Coastal Atlas Workshop as a model for other regions (26.6 Mb)
- Marcia Berman (Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Coastal GEMS, Shorelines Online): Coastal atlases within the Chesapeake Bay Region
- Kathy Belpaeme (Coor Ctr for ICZM, Belgium, Belgian Coastal Atlas): User analysis of the Belgian Coastal Atlas and future user needs
- David Hart (University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, Wisconsin Coastal Atlas: The Research Agenda of the Wisconsin Coastal Atlas
3:15-3:30p Coffee Break
3:45-4:30p Mini Workshop for CWA Users continued
1. Testing and evaluating the User survey
2. Survey Discussion Points:
   • Is the survey too long?
   • How can we improve on this?
   • Very minimal survey response. Is this typical among other regions that have tried to poll users? How to encourage users to take the survey?
   • Is there a need for this type of survey?
3. General Discussion Points: What are the CWA components that work well? Do we have enough feedback to know what elements of a CWA meet the users’ needs.
4:30-5:00p Coastal Information System of Andalusia
(WARNING: 92 Mb!)
Alejandro Iglesias-Campos, ETC-LUSI / Junta de la Andalusia
5:00-5:30p Concluding Remarks/Brief Overview of EEA/EIONET Meeting for Next 2 Days/
Andrus on EEA/EIONET meeting overview
6:30-8:00p Dinner available in the Leonardo Building Cafeteria (pay on your own)

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Day 3 - Wednesday, 18 November 2009
Giambiagi Lecture Hall
7:30-9:00a Breakfast available in Adriatico Cafeteria (pay on your own)
9:00-10:00a European partners meeting on funding (Giambiagi)
include action item "push, via national contact points, to get a line related to ICAN activity put in the action plans for calls within FP7"
10:00-11:30a US partners meeting on funding (common area outside of Lundqvist)
US NSF opportunities include NSF PIRE (currently NSF 09-505), INTEROP (currently NSF 07-565), Developing Global Scientists and Engineers (currently NSF 04-036). Funding from other agencies to be disussed.
NSF competitions require focused, hypothesis-driven research questions and junior research mentoring arrangements to propose. Other agencies would be interested in more applied topics, showing/developing the utility of CWAs in both management/policy/planning realm and science.
9:00-11:30a Tech Team Continuing Discussions (Denardo)
EEA/EIONET Workshop on Maritime and Coastal Information Systems (Giambiagi)
EEA Meeting Agenda
- Anne France Woestyn, DG.MARE, European Commission: Integrated Maritime Policy and the EU Atlas of the Seas
- Andrus Meiner, EEA: EEA Activities Related to the Coastal Atlases: Assessments, Support to ICZM and Future Plans
4:40-5:00p - Tony LaVoi, NOAA Coastal Services Center: Coastal and Marine Geospatial Information Sharing (including U.S. Ocean Policy and Digital Coast Initiative)
5:00-5:30p - Ned Dwyer, CMRC and Dawn Wright, OSU: The International Coastal Atlas Network (ICAN): Overview and Recent Activities | ICAN 4 Overview
5:30-5:45p - Liz O'Dea, Washington Department of Ecology: The ICAN Prototype

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Day 4 - Thursday, 19 November 2009
Giambiagi Lecture Hall
7:30-9:00a Breakfast available in Adriatico Cafeteria (pay on your own)
EEA/EIONET Workshop on Maritime and Coastal Information Systems (Giambiagi)
EEA Meeting Agenda
- Andrus Meiner, EEA: Maritime Spatial Planning: The EU Roadmap and Approaches for Implementation

- Oregon Coastal Atlas and MarineMap featured in new NOAA Marine Spatial Planning portal

9:00-1:00p Individual, small-group strategy/planning meetings for ICAN.

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Day 5 - Friday, 20 November 2009
Action Plans / Conclusion
Lundqvist Room
7:30-9:30a Breakfast available in Adriatico Cafeteria (pay on your own)
9:30-10:30a ICAN Action Plan Session (Dawn Wright and Ned Dwyer)
- New action items to do resulting from ICAN 4, or any other outstanding action items
10:30-11:00a Coffee Break (Adriatico Cafeteria)
11:00a-12:30p Concluding Discussions (Dawn Wright and Ned Dwyer)
- Continued discussion of action items resulting from workshop, and related recommendations, collaborations
- Prepare for ICAN partner meetings in 2010 and ICAN 5 in Oostende, Belgium (2011) hosted by IODE
12:15-1:00p Lunch available in the Adriatico Cafeteria (pay on your own)
1:00-2:30p Concluding Discussions / End of Workshop

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