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Atlases below have agreed to ICAN's Statement of Support/Intent to Collaborate

Atlas/Organization Name Atlas Logo/Link Contact Person Summary Document
African Marine Atlas
South Africa, Ghana, UNESCO IODE
Mika Odido, m.odido@unesco.org
Selorm Ababio
African Marine Info. Sys., European Commission Nicolas Hoepffner, nicolas.hoepffner@

Agulhas and Somali Currents Large Marine Ecosystems (ASCLME) Project
African Marine Atlas Team, South Africa
Lucy Scott, lucy.scott@asclme.org AMA Overview

Alaska Coastal Atlas, Alaska Coastal Mgmt Program, USA
Joanne Schmidt, joanne.schmidt@alaska.gov Atlas Under Construction
Alaska Shorezone, USA Steve Lewis, Steve.Lewis@noaa.gov
Mary Morris, marym@archipelago.ca
Atlas of the Lagoon of Venice, Italy Alessandro Mulazzani, alessandro.mulazzani@gmail.com
Stefano Guerzoni, stefano.guerzoni@ismar.cnr.it
Belgian Coastal Atlas (De Kustatlas) Kathy Belpaeme, kathy.belpaeme@
Bulgarian Black Sea Coastal Atlas Hristo Stanchev,
British Columbia's Coastal Resource Information System (CRIMS), Canada Carol Ogborne

California Coastal Atlas, USA
John Helly, hellyj@ucsd.edu Overview
California Coastal Geoportal, California Ocean Protection Council, USA Daniel Santillano, Daniel.Santillano@resources.ca.gov Web Site |
Related Study
California Ocean Uses Atlas, USA Mimi D'Iorio, mimi.diorio@noaa.gov Overview
Caribbean Marine Atlas
Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, UNESCO IODE
Ramon Roach
Coastal and Marine Information System of Andalusia, Spain Jose Enrique Frieyro de Lara
Email link

Coastal and Ocean Information Network Atlantic, Canada
Andy Sherin, an259184@dal.ca Overview
Coastal Atlas of Sao Paulo, Brazil Luis Américo Conti, lconti@usp.br Overview of Atlas Under Construction
Compass Informatics, Ireland/EU Roger Longhorn, rlonghorn@compass.ie Overview 1
Overview 2
Coral Health Atlas, USA John Burns, jrburn@gmail.com See Web Site
CSIR, South Africa Louis Celliers, lcelliers@csir.co.za See web site
Data Basin, Conservation Biology Institute, USA Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey, jeremiah@consbio.org Overview
Digital Climatic Atlas of Mexico Agustín Fernández-Eguiarte, agustin@unam.mx Overview
Environmental Marine Information System, European Commission Nicolas Hoepffner, nicolas.hoepffner@

European Atlas of the Seas, European Commission
Anne-France Woestyn mare-atlas@ec.europa.eu Overview
European Environment Agency, EU Andrus Meiner Andrus.Meiner@eea.europa.eu Overview
Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ), Belgium Simon Claus, simon.claus@vliz.be See web site
Great Lakes Commission, USA/Canada Stuart Eddy, seddy@glc.org Atlases Under Construction

Great Lakes Shoreviewer, USA
Natasha Koss, natasha@superiorwatersheds.org Overview

Gulf of Mexico Data Atlas, USA
Kathryn Rose, kathryn.rose@noaa.gov Overview

Hawaii Coastal Atlas, USA
John Helly, hellyj@ucsd.edu Overview
HELCOM, Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission, Finland Joni Kaitaranta
INDIGEO, France Mathias ROUAN, mathias.rouan@univ-brest.fr
Françoise GOURMELON, francoise.gourmelon@univ-brest.fr
Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale (OGS), Italy Mihai Burca, mburca@ogs.trieste.it Overview 1
Overview 2
Korea Environmental Science & Technology Institute, Korea Gigab Ha, ggha@kesti.co.kr See web site
Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone (LOICZ), EU Hartwig Kremer, hartwig.kremer@loicz.org Not Yet
Living North Sea
University of Aberdeen, UK
David Green, d.r.green@abdn.ac.uk Overview
MAGIC, UK Kevin Colcomb, kevin.colcomb@mcga.gov.uk Overview
Maine Coastal Atlas/Northeast Data Portal, USA
(both in progress)

Riley Young Morse, rmorse@gmri.org See web site
Marine Institute, Ireland Ramona Carr, ramona.carr@marine.ie See web site
Marine Irish Digital Atlas (MIDA), Ireland Ned Dwyer, n.dwyer@ucc.ie
Kathrin Kopke, k.kopke@ucc.ie
Overview Video
Maryland's Coastal Atlas, USA Chris Cortina
MUMM Marine Management Atlas, Belgium Serge Scory
S.Scory@mumm.ac.be, BMDC@mumm.ac.be
See web site
New York Ocean & Great Lakes Atlas, USA David Healy
Katie Budreski, kbudreski@stone-env.com
Web Site
NOAA Legislative Atlas (NOAA Digital Coast), USA Adam Bode, adam.bode@noaa.gov Overview
NOAA Multipurpose Marine Cadastre, USA Adam Bode, adam.bode@noaa.gov Overview
North Carolina Coastal Atlas, USA Tom Allen, allenth@ecu.edu Overview
North Carolina Coastal Hazards Decision Portal USA JP Walsh, walshj@ecu.edu Overview
Northwest Assoc of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS), USA Emilio Mayorga, mayorga@apl.washington.edu See web site
Ohio Coastal Atlas, USA Brian George, brian.george@dnr.state.oh.us Overview
Open Geospatial Consortium, USA David Arctur, darctur@opengeospatial.org See web site
OceanWise Ltd., UK Mike Osborne, mike.osborne@oceanwise.eu See web site
Oregon Coastal Atlas, USA Tanya Haddad, tanya.haddad@state.or.us Overview, Update
Oregon Explorer: North Coast Explorer, USA Janine Salwasser, Janine.Salwasser@oregonstate.edu Overview
Pacific Coastal Resources Atlas, Canada Brad Mason,
Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO), USA Kristen Milligan
See web site
REDMIC-Integrated Marine Data Repository for Macaronesia, Spain Antonio Machado Carrillo, director@oag-fundacion.org Overview
Santos Web Atlas, Brazil Silvia Sartor, silvisartor@gmail.com Overview
Scotland's Marine Atlas, UK Martyn Cox, martyn.cox@scotland.gsi.gov.uk Overview
SeaSketch, USA Will McClintock, mcclintock@msi.ucsb.edu Overview
SPINCAM, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru Héctor Huerta, hhuerta@cpps-int.org Overview
Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS), USA Chris Cohen, ccohen@ucsd.edu
See web site
Texas Coastal Communities Atlas, USA Sam Brody, sbrody@tamu.edu
UNESCO IOC IODE Peter Pissierssens, p.pissierssens@unesco.org
Mika Odido, m.odido@unesco.org
See African, Caribbean Marine Atlases
US Geological Survey Center for Integrated Data Analytics, USA Nate Booth
See web site
Virginia Coastal Geospatial and Educational Mapping System (GEMS),USA Laura McKay, Laura.McKay@deq.virginia.gov Overview
Virginia Institute of Marine Science, USA Marcia Berman, marcia@vims.edu Partner of Virginia Coastal GEMS
Wadden Sea World Heritage Area Atlas, Netherlands Piet Feddema
Washington Coastal Atlas, USA Liz O'Dea, lode461@ECY.WA.GOV Overview, Update
Water Atlas (U. of South Florida), USA Jan Allyn, janallyn@usf.edu Overview
West Coast Ocean Data Portal, USA Todd Hallenbeck, todd.r.hallenbeck@westcoastoceans.org Overview
Wisconsin Coastal Atlas, USA David Hart, dhart@aqua.wisc.edu Overview