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West Coast Coastal Atlas Workshop

On November 2nd, 2010, a second meeting of the West Coast Coastal Atlases group was convened via webinar graciously hosted by NOAA Coastal Services Center and coordinated by Christina Cairns. The Purpose of the webinar was to:

  • Receive updates on coastal atlas efforts on the West Coast of the U.S. and Canada.
  • Review and refine 2009 workshop recommendations on next steps for regional and state coastal atlas efforts.
  • Recommend additional goals and objectives for West Coast Coastal Atlas efforts
  • Assess potential for a regional data management system supporting the WCGA in meeting the requirements of the National Ocean Policy and CMSP Framework.

Download complete meeting notes (0.1 MB) - compiled by Christina and Pam (many thanks!)

As part of the webinar, several Atlas groups presented the status of their projects via PowerPoint. Those presentations are available as PDF documents via the following links:

In the latter part of November and early December 2010, the west coast coastal atlases teamed with the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Regional Associations and the Partnership for Interdisciplinary Study of Coastal Oceans (PISCO) to submit a concept proposal to the West Coast Governor's Agreement on Ocean Health (WCGA). The WCGA had requested concept proposals by Nov. 19th for assessment and possible inclusion in their Dec. 10th response to NOAA's $20 million Regional Ocean Partnership Funding Program Federal Funding Opportunity on Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning. This funding opportunity meets the requirements of the National Ocean Policy and the CMSP Framework therein. In the end, portions of our concept proposal were well-received and included in the WCGA submission, which mentions coastal atlases and ocean observing systems, as well as ICAN. WCGA Email After Submission | WCGA Proposal, Focus Area 1 (including atlases) | WCGA Proposal, Focus Area 2.

On April 23 to 24, 2009, a West Coast Coastal Atlas Workshop was hosted by the Washington State Department of Ecology and the NOAA Coastal Services Center at the NOAA Western Regional Center in Seattle, Washington, USA. The workshop brought together, for the very first time, over 30 participants from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California and representing state coastal zone management programs, state universities, four branches of NOAA, private consulting firms, and non-governmental organizations. It is not the intent of this group’s coordination efforts to create a single unified web atlas for the West Coast of North America, but rather to increase communication and collaboration between individual coastal web atlas projects.

Download proceedings (8.2 Mb pdf) and post-workshop survey results (.xls)

Suggested citation for this report is: Purce, D., Wood, M., Kueck, J., Taylor, K., O'Dea, L., Wright, D. and Haddad, T., 2009. Proceedings of the West Coast Coastal Atlas Workshop, Seattle, WA, USA. Available online at: http://ican.science.oregonstate.edu/westcoast/

Specific goals and objectives of the workshop included to:
- increase contact among existing and emerging coastal atlas efforts on the west coast
- inform each other of our future plans and data gaps
- explore opportunities for collaboration
- identify existing and future coastal atlas efforts to connect with
- discuss connection of coastal atlases to the West Coast Governors’ Agreement (Washington, Oregon, California) and the Pacific Coast Collaborative (Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon, California)
- identify and prioritize information needs and overlap between projects/regions
- determine how to meet the identified needs
- discuss challenges and possible solutions to data sharing and project partnering
- make connections between groups that can collaborate and partner to fill needs
- determine how to go about connecting with other, unrepresented efforts
- plan next steps

West Coast Coastal Atlas Listserv (set up by Tanya Haddad)

Fun! Google Earth KMZ file of West Coast Atlas Spatial Footprints (thanks to Andy Lanier of the Oregon Coastal Management Program!)

Presentation Files
Washington Coastal Atlas: presentation pdf | web site
SalmonScape: presentation pdf | web site
Alaska ShoreZone: presentation pdf | web site | movie (110 Mb .mpg)
B.C. Coastal Resource Information Management System: presentation pdf | web site
NOAA Emergency Response Management Application: presentation pdf | web site
Oregon Coastal Atlas: presentation pdf | web site
MarineMap (California): presentation pdf | web site
California Ocean Uses Atlas: presentation pdf | web site
NOAA Multipurpose Marine Cadastre and Legislative Atlas: presentation pdf
ICAN and ICAN Prototype (1.5 Mb and 7.5 Mb presentation pdfs)

Related Report: West Coast Regional Marine Research and Information Needs Report (West Coast Sea Grant Programs, July 2009)